Chuckery, Ohio
Bill Headings - The Chuckery Carver
This is just a small sampling of the many carvings that local
chain-saw artist Bill Headings has created over the last
several years.  He has left carvings in Alaska, Arizona,
Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Texas (just to
name a few of the states) along the path of his many travels
across the country.  
Eagle Mascot
This eagle was carved for the Madison
Plains School District.
There are many cacti around Black
Canyon that have been carved by Bill
for his friends.
Copyright © 2008
Carvings on the Black Canyon Lot
Bill has been busy this winter practicing his craft.  His wife Mary has added these
characters to her rock garden in Black Canyon City, Arizona.
Little Brown Bear
This bear does not look nearly as
fearsome as the ones near Plain City!
2007 Miami Valley Steam Thresher Show
This bear carving was done for the Miami Valley
Steam Threshers Assn.  during the 2007 show at
Past Time Park in Plain City, Ohio.
Detail Work
As an artist, Bill knows the importance of detail in his work.  Many of his carvings are
also torched to bring out different features.  The painting in the background is another
medium that Bill has been working with.
Old Time Prospector
We are not sure how much gold that
this little guy will find in Chuckery.
Arizona Eagle
This eagle was carved for friends out in
Arizona during the winter of 2008.
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