Chuckery Special Public School
 Chuckery had an eleven-year progam for educating the youth in
the community.  I do not know when the the first school began at
Chuckery.  However, in 1893 a brick building was built facing west
on route 38 north of route 161 about ¼ of a mile.  It was a two story
building with a basement..  

 Samuel Geyer, a carpenter, was happy to get work and be
employed to build this new brick school building.  He moved his
family here from southern Ohio and rented a home on Renner land
just west of Chuckery across the Little Darby Creek.  They had to
cross a footbridge to reach their home.  Sam & Mary Geyer were
originally from Chester in Meigs County, Ohio.  

 The first six of my father’s family went to this school for their 11-
year program.  Most of them went to Darby High School in
Unionville Center for their 12th year.  Most of the family members
learned 4 years of Latin and much more math than I did 20-25
years later.  They had  a large number of course offerings, but the
same thing was not offered each year.  In that way, the classes
could be larger.  In the later years, the classes were quite small.  
The faculty was small and taught many areas including baseball.  
The school closed in 1937 uniting with Darby and made the school
district, Chuckery Darby School.  

 My grandfather, George Nelson Morse, served on the school
board for this school for over 25 years.  He had completed his
twelfth year of education at Milford Center’s School.   He supported
all school issues and projects and was a supporter of the
Republican Party and everything patriotic.

 This school was purchased by St. Paul Lutheran Church in 1942.  
St. Paul had many annual church picnics at this location and I
remember being there and playing with my friends inside and
outside of the school  The building was later razed and returned
back to farm land

                                                          - Lois Morse Barr
                                                              September 2007
Chuckery, Ohio
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