This bridge is located off of State Route
161 on Axe Handle Road.  It is very near
the original Bigelow Family home.  The
bridge spans the Little Darby Creek.
1858 (Approximately) – Lewis Chapel, a small Methodist Episcopal Church was
built at Chuckery.  Named for its pastor, Reverend F. F. Lewis, it was a part of the
Milford Circuit, which included Milford Center, Unionville Center, and Irwin’s Station.  
Early members included Elihu and Miriam Bigelow, Mrs. Hiram Kent, James          
Mc Cloud, and Joel Fairbanks.

August 23, 1891 – St. John Lutheran Church in the German Settlement near
Marysville voted to build a branch school in “the Plains.”

May 29, 1892 – The Lutheran school was built and dedicated.

September 15, 1893 – St. Paul Lutheran Church was formed when the congregation
submitted an application withdrawing membership from the St. John congregation in
“the Settlement.”  26 families, consisting of 117 people chartered the new church.  
Charter members included H. C. Knust, John Loschky,  John George Born, George
Bishop, George Adam Rausch, Phillip Vollrath, J. Martin Rausch, Jacob Scheiderer,
Mattias Loschky, J. B. Burns, George Burger, Conrad Nicol, Phillip Bishop, G. Casper
Renner, Emmanuel Bishop, John L. Boerger, Theodore A Grener, Emmanuel
Rausch, George Scheiderer, George Nicol,  Johanis Vollrath, John G. Mayer, H. John
Thiergartner, John George Nicol, Albert Gaulke, John M. Dellinger, Daniel Streng,
and Johann Schmidt.

1894 – The original St. Paul Lutheran parsonage was built.

April 8, 1898 - The post office at Chuckery was established.

October 12, 1902 – The first church for the St. Paul congregation was dedicated.  
Prior to this date, both the school and the church shared the same building.

December 14, 1903 - The post office was closed, with mail service for the
community transferred to Plain City.

1906 – The teacherage for the St. Paul Lutheran School was built.  Over the years,
this home housed various teachers and principals for the school.

1912 – German was no longer taught at St. Paul Lutheran School due to opposition
to Germans during the Great War, WWI.

1921 – LIttle Darby Creek was dredged through the village as a flood control
measure.  The dredging started at State Route 4 near Irwin and continued to the
Rosedale - Plain City Road bridge.

1930 - The U. S. census reported that there were 36 residents of Chuckery.

1937 - The last class graduated from Chuckery High School.  The school was then
consolidated with Darby High School in Unionville Center.  The new school was

July 5, 1942 - The Chuckery Special School District property was bought by St. Paul
Lutheran Church for $730.00.

1946 - The store closed.

April 1952 - The original one room school house for the St. Paul Lutheran School
was razed.

March 15, 1953 - The current St. Paul Lutheran School building was dedicated.

1953 - A semi truck hit the abandoned store.

1961 - The store building was burnt as a training fire for the fire department.

March 10, 1963 – The old St. Paul Lutheran Church building was razed.

May 3, 1964 - The new St. Paul Lutheran Church building was dedicated.

1979 – The current St. Paul Lutheran parsonage was built.

1993 – St. Paul Lutheran Church celebrated its centennial.
This bridge was originally located south of
Milford Center on present-day State Route
36Center.  Built in 1888, it is now located
on Winget Road over Treacle Creek.
This bridge spans 200 feet over the Big
Darby Creek on Streng Road.  It was built
in 1914 to replace a bridge that washed out
in 1913.  Renovated in 1993, it has the
distinction of being an Ohio Historic Bridge.
This church was built in 1902 for the St.
Paul congregation.  It housed the
congregation until 1963, when it was razed
to make room for the current building that
was erected between 1963 and 1964.  The
current building is still used by the church.
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