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The Chuckery, Ohio area is truly
the place to be!
Groundhog Day Feature
This is the first of our features pertaining to Chuckery to be archived.  Check back
often as we will continuously be updating the content of this site.  
Chuckery, Ohio
October is Family History Month!
We have dedicated this site to Chuckery and the surrounding area.  Much of our
work on this site began as we have been researching our own family histories.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Since so many people are affected be breast cancer each year, we have
dedicated a page on this site with information on this horrendous disease.
"The Last of the Log Cabin Statesmen"
Charles W. Fairbanks, who was born near Unionville Center, was Vice President
of the United States under President Theodore Roosevelt.  And, so we honored
his memory by highlighting his political career in February of 2008.
March 2008
March of 2008 came in like a lion, dumping rain, ice, and snow on Chuckery.  By
March 8, we had over 20 inches of snow on the ground.  But, this is Ohio.  
Temperatures were in the 50s before St. Patrick's Day.